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A fluid and interactive workflow to see the progress of your project as we go along.

Web Development

We are experts in Web technologies for more than ten years, especially in Ruby on Rails.

But coding is not the only thing we do, we help you from the beginning to the final phase of your project, until the hosting of your website on either a dedicated server or in the cloud.

Rails training courses

Our training courses will improve your team’s skills and help them to become autonomous on your projects.

In addition of working with you, we offer training courses to discover or master the Ruby language and the Rails framework.

Custom solutions

We offer customizable and adaptable solutions in order to build a long-term viable and robust application.

Our skills and expertises in new technologies will allow you to achieve your goals faster.

We use agile methodologies, so we are responsive and attentive to your needs.

Consulting & Follow-up

We support you in the implementation of your projects, from the specification to the development and the performance optimization.

This long-term monitoring does not end with the launch of your website. We believe that the success of your project requires a full commitment from our team.

We are a small team, reachable and available anytime.

Some of our work

The Ruby42 team

Always available to listen to your needs and to meet your expectations.

Vincent Pochet

Vincent is an expert of web technologies. He is particularly interested in performance optimization and security of the applications.

His previous experiences at PSideo, and YoupiJob allow him to understand complex problems, such as scalability of web apps.

Romain Sempé

Romain is an agile development evangelist and a Ruby on Rails expert.

He was lead developer at and CTO at YoupiJob.

He is the founder and the organizer of the Geneva Ruby Brigade.

François Chabloz

With 15 years of IT services under his belt, Francois is fluent in Javascript, Ruby on Rails and PHP.

His concern for the User Experience naturally led him to specialize in frontend development.

Since 2005, he is a regular consultant at United Nation's UNEP.

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The Ruby42 agency is located in Switzerland, Geneva, near the border of France.

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